Claiming warranty

If you are not satisfied with our product you have the right to claim the warranty. Just send us the T-shirt (or any other product) and we will examine it and exchange it with a new product. Just be careful! You can claim your warranty only on the failures made during the process of production or printing. If you misused or damaged the product with any kind of wrong care (check the washing and care instructions) we will not proceed the claim.

We usually proceed claims as quickly as possible but allow us maximum of 30 days.

Exchanging or returns

If the T-shirt doesn´t fit you or you just want a different size simply send us an e-mail clarifying the matter and your wish or use the claim warranty /exchange form and we will exchange it as soon as we receive the shipment from you. If you prefer your money back instead use the same claim warranty/exchange /return form stating your bank account and we will send you your money back.
If you change your mind because you don´t want or like the T-shirt wrap it up, pack it send it back within 14 days without stating the reason of the return.

Make sure you are sending us back our T-shirt (or others) that has not been washed, worn or damaged.

How to proceed the claim or exchange?

Send us an e-mail or use the claim warranty /exchange form, describe the problem, tell us how you want us to solve it (exchange or money back). Undamaged goods pack up and send it to our address. Include a copy of the invoice and the claim warranty /exchange form filled in. If you can or are not able to make a copy just send us a photo of the invoice on our e-mail with your request.

We usually deal with claims as quickly as possible but allow us maximum of 30 days.

If we send you damaged or poor quality products we will also return your shipment cost.