I´ve chosen 2 T-shirts, both size M, but one of them is smaller. How is that possible?

The explanation is right here. All of our T-shirts have the same size marking but a medium might not necessarily fit you even though it normally does. We have different suppliers and their sizes might be slightly different. With each product on your website we provide you with a table of sizes.

How do I order the right size for me?

It is quite simple. With each particular product we provide a table with sizes. Take one of your T-shirts that suits you best, spread it out on a flat surface, take a measuring tape and measure (width under arms –chest size, neck line to the bottom) as it is shown in the picture. Then you can compare it with the table given to choose the best size for you. Every supplier allows 5 % tolerance with their product. So slight differences may occur.

I got a T-shirt that doesn´t correspond to the size label. What shall I do now?

As the saying goes we all make mistakes”, this happens too. Somebody may have sewn or printed the wrong size label on a T-shirt. That is out of our hands. It doesn´t happen very often but if so and you got the wrong size, don´t worry, contact us and we will exchange it.

Our own labels!

To recognize us we proudly sew on our own labels with our logo on. You obtain all necessary information with it. Just one peek and you can see if it is a ladies´ or men´s tee, the size, our cool logo of course and also the care instructions for washing, ironing, drying etc. We modify and improve our logo so it may differ on various products.

How to take care of our textile?

It´s up to you what you want to do with the clothes. Our T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants or shorts are here to be worn or not to be worn, you can wash them or not, dry the dishes up with them or even clean your car. Whatever your imagine runs toJ . But seeing people wearing our clothes with pride makes us happy! There are a few things you must avoid doing!

T-shirts, sweatshirts and other items of clothing you can wash in a washing machine. We can´t recommend the type of washing machine but what we recommend is to wash at 30°-40°C. 85-95 Farenheit. Nor less, nor more. All right then…you can do it lower but not higher! Ruining your clothes in the wash will make you unhappy and us too! Always wash with the same or similar colours to maintain it´s original colour.

We stress the importance of washing your t-shirt inside-out. That means the print must be inside. The thing is that you or we really don´t want other pieces of clothing to rub with the print whilst washing. It can scratch or rub off the print.

Do not use a tumble dryer! Our clothing likes the traditional clothes horse J

Do not use any chemicals or bleach.

Use only gel washing detergent!!!  Washing powder contains bleaching elements that can cause fading of the colours and you won´t like that either! We also do not recommend using gel capsules.

The next thing you need to know is that you need to iron your T-shirts or other items of clothing inside-out and only over baking paper! Never iron the print! If you do, the print will be irreversibly damaged and the Tshirt ruined. You can throw it away or recycle it and use it to clean the floor with (it is highly absorbent) J.

Set the iron on low heat. No more than 110°C.

What problems may occur?

There should be none! J But we are all human and something may go wrong. You made a mistake, would feel more comfy in a different size or we messed up the printing. Whatever the problem,do not hesitate and write us an e-mail saying what is wrong, fill in the form on the other side, run to the post office and send us the T back. We will examine it and provide a replacement.

Rucksacks, bags, wallets and others …

Among others we also offer drawstring bags, wallets, shoulder bags, bags for dog walkers, waist bags and other products.

You need to take care of these products with love. So please, do not wash any of them in a washing machine. They could be damaged or may damage other items.

You can wash our bags, drawstring bags and waist bags carefully by hand. Always rinse out all washing detergent thoroughly. Do not use chemicals and do not bleach.

You must not wash wallets/purses. Neither in the washing machine nor by hand. If you need to clean it use only a damp cloth and rub gently. Make sure you do not soak it.

Do not tumble dry any of the products. The products that do not belong in a clothes category (bags, shoulder bags, waist bags, wallets/purses etc.) you must never iron!

If you do not obey these care instructions there is a high risk of irreversible damage that may invalidatethe warranty claim.

If you need more information or help just ask. Contact us on info@lanigaart.cz, or our facebook, instagram or phone (we speak English).