About us

Welcome to our website. If you wish to learn more about us, what we do and how we work this is the right place to be.

Our small humble family workshop focuses on manufacturing unique and thematic textile goods.

We enjoy graphic arts, it nourishes us and thereupon our skill is imprinted into each designed piece.

You can find us in Ostrava – Mariánské Hory a Hulváky in a small workshop on the corner of Korunní street. Address: Korunní 637/67, Ostrava, 709 00, Czech Republic. Also visit our Facebook or Instagram.

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How do we do it?

We are not the usual e-shop as you probably know. We are creating things that are close to our hearts, is our hobby or we simply love it. If you check out the things you can simply figure out what our hobbies are. We create the graphic designs for every single t-shirt in our workshop ourselves. We make our own design and therefore we believe we are unique and absolutely original.

We are not and don´t want to be mass-productive or whole-sale market. We are just a small company and we want to keep our beliefs as they are now, simply the original and unique design you can´t find on supermarket shelves. That is why we do not produce in heaps, we are not mass-productive we literally print in pieces.

If you order our product you won´t regret it. But there are few things you should know before you order.

We have plenty of motives for printing as well as many types of clothing. Our suppliers provide the quality we want and we have been cooperating for long enough to select the best ones. We keep very little stock of textiles so the delivery times vary. We can explain that.

It works like this. Having placed an order in our e-shop we start processing your order in our workshop. So if you are ordering one right now we would take a plane t-shirt or any other piece of clothing from our stock and we would print the selected motive. Because we do it this way it gives you the chance to slightly change the print according your needs. If you wish to make a little change in the print ( adding title, different colour of the print, colour of the t-shirt or the type of textile) you just need to write your request into the “comment section” when placing your order.

You will certainly notice the various delivery terms mentioned earlier. Considering the amount of stock we keep and the fact that we proceed each particular order individually, the delivery times are slightly longer compared with other e-shops. You will need to wait between 5 to 14 working days. Despite the waiting time you will not regret! And if so we will give you your money back.

Taking into account the long delivery terms we do our best to manage to proceed the order as quickly as possible within 5 days. Nonetheless the times before Christmas and beginning of the New Year is quite busy so expect it to be the longer delivery.

You can choose various options how to pay for your order. For the foreign orders we advise you to use our pay-gate but you can use more payment methods. The moment we see the payment on our bank account statement we immediately start proceeding your order. From that very moment you can start counting the days for the delivery. We need to see the number of order so make sure you always include it when transferring the money. For more info how to pay go to the section Transport, payment and delivery times”.

We believe in our work as well as in a happy customer. So if there is a problem we surely can solve it. We do care about our clients. 🙂


So once again. Who are we?

We are a tiny family firm established by the two of us (twin sisters) together with our mum highly supporting us in creating this magnificent e-shop. 🙂 We got this idea long ago at the secondary school but we realized it a couple of years later. We started with promotional graphics but as the life paths leads you different routes we ended up going the best way.

LANIGA? What is it really? LANIGA is a brand. But brand of what? Brand of clothing? No no. LANIGA is the brand of design, brand of art, brand of expressing art, LANIGA is our signature, our handwriting, our design we put into each creation we present here. But it is not on canvas but on textile you can actually wear. We are two sisters who create every single design themselves. So believe that by buying our product you are not supporting any supermarket chain but only this small e-shop of two young female artists (if we can call ourselves like this 🙂 )

It is just few of us here and everything we produce is made with love because we like our jobs and have the best energetic hardworking team.

As it was already mentioned earlier we focus on printing on textile. You can order here various textile items such as: t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, sweatpants, leggings, rucksacks bags, shoulder bags, wallets, cups and many more.

We order the products from the tested and approved suppliers. If we order from a new supplier we always test the items before we start offering them on our website.

We insist on meeting our demands and needs considering the quality of material as well as processing the production itself.

We do enjoy seeing happy customers who like our products. That´s the best reward of all and the drive that pushes us forward in creating even more awesome designs that will astonish you.

So what are you waiting for? Chop, chop! Go to our e-shop and check it out!